About Carolyn.K

With a background in professional make up spanning 18 years, Carolyn.K began her beauty career by training as a professional make-up artist at the London College of Fashion. Her incredible drive and creativity soon found her making up famous faces behind the scenes for top glossy magazines, and fashion and beauty shoots. Following the success of her cosmetic accessories and make-up bag range first launched eight years ago for her eponymous brand, Carolyn. K has turned her hand to a new range of Beauty Books and Nail Paints.

Created, produced, packaged and distributed in the UK, the Carolyn.K London brand is proudly 100% British.

The new collection focuses on a selection of tutorial beauty books and nail paints, to help all make up lovers effortlessly become their own make-up artists. Overseeing production from the beginning, each and every colour has been chosen to suit all skin types. The highly pigmented powdery formulas mean a smooth and even application, making blending and shading easy. The nail paints have a unique personal touch, each one is inspired by Carolyn's nearest and dearest with colours reflecting their personality. Sienna is named after her daughter.

The most inspiring part about Carolyn.K is her real passion for giving back. Carolyn says 'Be it through teaching or monetary contributions, helping to improve other people's lives is a very important aspect of my life. I'm just as dedicated to this as I am about make-up. I'm proud that we can give back. It's something more companies should do". Not only does she donate a percentage of her sales to Magic Breakfast, the UK charity which provides breakfast to children in England, whose families are unable to feed them every morning, but she volunteers her time, a few days a month, to teach make-up techniques to patients at the Marie Curie Cancer Hospice in London and help them with the visible side effects of treatment. In fact, the idea for her "Raise Your Brows" Beauty Book which is an eyebrow palette, was a result of spending time with the Marie Curie patients, as that was one product all patients always requested.

Enjoy the site and remember "Life's too short to wear the same colours every day!